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Chet Kupchella

Chet Kupchella

Junior Associate

Chet is a project engineer at Longman Lindsey. He completed a Masters degree in Acoustics at Penn State University, where Chet wrote a thesis on high frequency fatigue of fiberglass composites. Chet also worked as a teaching assistant in architectural acoustics, and served as president of the university’s student chapter of the Acoustical Society of America. His background in experimental research and education brings focus and depth to each project on which he participates.

Chet is a team member on projects with clients in diverse industries including hospitality, media, fitness, law, finance, and education. The evolving challenge of finding solutions suited to varied clientele is what motivates Chet to continue to learn and broaden his professional skill set.

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
M.S. Acoustics
Rice University, Houston, TX
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Acoustical Society of America