37 Warren Street – NY

37 Warren Street – NY


Architect: Handel Architects
Client: Fisher Brothers
PDF: Download Project Sheet

A fitness center was installed on the ground floor of 37 Warren Street, a historic Tribeca loft building. Because the fitness center has residential units directly above it, the expertise of our office was requested to identify appropriate isolation measures.

We performed a standard airborne noise transmission test to quantify the level of airborne attenuation provided by the base building structure between the proposed fitness center and the residences above. We also performed a subjective weight drop test to measure the impact of structure-borne transmission in the residences due to heavy weight drops, footfall, etc. Our acoustical recommendations included fully containing the activity and noise within the fitness center with a ‘room within a room’ construction, including a secondary slab supported on vibration isolators, isolated walls, and a sound rated door between fitness center and retail lobby.