Il Gattopardo – NY

Il Gattopardo – NY


Architect: Rusk Renovations
Client: Il Gattopardo
PDF: Download Project Sheet

Il Gattopardo restaurant on West 54th Street relocated to the historical Rockefeller Townhouses.

Our team conducted a site survey to evaluate reverberation time analysis in the dining space which has low ceilings, sleek décor, and multiple sound reflective finishes. Reverberation time measures how long it takes for sound energy to dissipate, which can make an occupied space seem noisy if too long. Our recommendations included treating the walls, as well as the ceiling, with sound absorptive materials to keep reflected sound energy to a minimum, while maintaining the restaurant’s modern aesthetic. These recommendations helped Il Gattopardo relax into their new location, creating a more pleasurable dining environment for their guests.