Prosiris – NY

Prosiris – NY


Architect: Gensler
Client: Prosiris
PDF: Download Project Sheet

Prosiris Capital Management’s interior renovation project at 510 Madison Avenue, New York City selected Longman Lindsey to provide acoustical review and expertise. Our extensive knowledge and experience working in the 510 Madison Avenue building helped the design team streamline first-class renovations.

Working with the design team, we discussed the office environment, privacy, and background noise desired by Prosiris, and we visited the new space to identify any required noise control. We reviewed the proposed glass fronts in offices to project privacy levels when used in conjunction with a conventional door. We provided acoustical recommendations on partition framing for the new office, as well as recommendations on doors, ceilings, and HVAC equipment to ensure desired levels of speech privacy. We also provided solutions and product recommendations for standard and enhanced constructions to further limit sound transmission at offices requiring additional privacy.