Roundabout Theatre Company – NY

Roundabout Theatre Company


Architect: Fred Basch Architect PLLC
Client: Zubatkin Owner Representation
PDF: Download Project Sheet

Longman Lindsey is working with the Roundabout Theatre Company and their team of consultants at various spaces across their portfolio, to review existing conditions and provide input to capital planning for acoustic upgrades work. We have conducted acoustic testing at the American Airlines Theatre, Stephen Sondheim Theatre, Studio 54, and the Steinberg Center for Theatre, as well as rehearsal venues.

We’re helping RTC assess the merits of acoustic treatment options within their rehearsal spaces. The work will enhance the listening for performers as they prepare musical and dance pieces. Longman Lindsey has measured existing conditions, then created acoustic models to simulate the effect of various surface finish treatments.

Theatre doors that allow audience to exit directly onto adjacent streets can result in audible noise from passersby and traffic as RTC venues are in the heart of the theatre district. We are working with the project team to identify alternate door selections and acoustic details that should reduce the maintenance required of existing conditions, while also reducing potential for intrusive noise, enhancing the audience experience.