Weill Cornell Medicine – NY

Weill Cornell Medicine


Architect: Mitchell Giurgola
Projects: Lasdon House Conversion
PDF: Download Project Sheet

North Shore-LIJ has new imaging sites on Long Island. These sites will provide CT scanning, as well as MRI imaging.

Longman Lindsey has been working on various renovation projects at Weill Cornell Medicine, the first of which was at Lasdon House, a housing facility.

The Lasdon House project created new social spaces for students, including a lounge and exercise room. We were responsible for noise and vibration mitigation at the exercise room, as well as assessment of surface finishes to maintain an acoustically comfortable environment at the lounge. The renovation work in the building continued, creating offices from floors that were previously used for housing. In this portion of the project, we reviewed demising constructions between offices, as well as HVAC systems, to ensure suitable levels of speech privacy between offices.

Our work at WCM has continued, including the Education and Student Center at the F & B Buildings. Here we are part of the project team renovating eight classrooms and laboratories, creating interactive lounge areas, as well as additional classrooms. We have assisted with the assessment of operable partitions that provide flexibility, allowing classrooms to be configured in multiple footprints, while still providing necessary levels of speech privacy.

The Student Center will provide a new stair connecting the first and second floor spaces, offering collaborative seating and space for informal gatherings, quiet study rooms, as well as classroom and meeting space. We are working with the design team to review acoustic design issues such as privacy, reverberation, and background noise.

2018, ongoing