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Alexander Reardon

Alexander Reardon

Senior Associate

Alexander Reardon is a project engineer at Longman Lindsey. From his time working at Disney, he gained an understanding in providing services that aren’t always apparent or visible to customers. He has also worked in vibration isolation and seismic restraint of mechanical equipment. For two years he conducted architectural acoustics research into classroom speech intelligibility; and served another year investigating outdoor concert noise abatement, in which he assisted a community by providing noise recommendations for future concerts.

As a musician and mechanical engineer, his passion for acoustics drives him to find a sound solution for his clients. He secured funding and drove his cross-disciplinary Senior Design team to redesign a computer interface, and won two awards for greatest impact upon the project’s disabled client. As co-founder of the ASA chapter at Virginia Tech, Alexander has lead the way for young professionals developing expertise in the field of acoustics.

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE)