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Rich Ranft

Rich Ranft

Associate Partner

Rich Ranft is a project manager at Longman Lindsey. He has a decade of experience in acoustical consulting for a wide range of project sectors, specializing in corporate fit-outs, fitness centers, environmental noise and vibration control. Rich also has extensive consulting experience in the residential, healthcare, and mission critical industries, K-12 schools, as well as vibration feasibility studies for highly sensitive equipment such as MRIs.

In addition to new construction projects, Rich enjoys troubleshooting preexisting noise and vibration transmission issues and developing practical solutions for offices and residential dwellings throughout New York City. Of particular interest is the opportunity to work on historically notworthy buildings. His strong work ethic is demonstrated by working tirelessly on behalf of clients to deliver projects on time and exceed end users expectations.

University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Acoustical Society of America